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This page described some common download problems and solutions. Most download problems seem to occur on Windows. If you encounter problems not described here, please contact us.

Some OS X users have encountered problems when trying to expand installers of updaters; solutions to these problems are described on the "Stuffit Expander Problems" page.

Virus protection - Internet Explorer 5.5 problems - Download on the right computer


Problem: Downloads do not go to completion, and seem to "hang"

Solution: Turn off virus protection programs


Some virus protection program can cause problems when downloading. Most problematic seem to be downloads of Java-based installers like InterPhace or TraceViewer on Windows.

A typical example is that a download appears to be complete - the indicator in the download window shows 100%. However, nothing happens for a long time, and the window or computer can become unresponsive, and may even freeze or crash.

This problem is often caused by anti-virus programs. Turn off ant-virus programs before downloading or installing.

If you want to use the anti-virus software before installing the programs, download the files to disk, rather than using the "Start Installer" buttons. After the download is complete, scan the downloaded files with your anti-virus software before installing.


Problem: In Internet Explorer 5.5, downloads don't seem to work

Solution: Use Netscape or install the latest update


The initial versions of Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows has a well-known bug that prevents some downloads from being successful. Sometime, just the name of the downloaded file is wrong. In other cases, Windows just saves a small text or HTML file, often called "index.html", instead of the desired file.

This problem seems to be fixed in the "Service Pack 2" update, which is available from at Install the upgrade, reboot, and the download should work (but you may also need to turn virus protection off, see above).

Of course, you can simply use Netscape Communicator for the download.


Tip: Download on the computer where you plan to use the software on

Some customers have encountered problems when downloading software on one computer or operating system, and later trying to install on a different operating system or computer.

In general, try to download the software on the computer that you plan to use it on, if at all possible. Transfers between different operating systems (like Mac - Windows or Windows - UNIX) can be especially problematic.

If you absolutely have to download the software on a different operating system, make sure to the appropriate method to transfer the files, for example binary mode ftp. Also, avoid things like spaces or "funny" characters in file and folder names, which may work fine on one system, but not at all on a different one.

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