CodonCode Corporation provides leading software packages for DNA sequence assembly, sequence alignment, and mutation detection. Our products include:

CodonCode Aligner - Our easy-to-use program for sequence assembly, contig editing, and mutation detection for Windows and Mac OS X. Supports base calling with Phred, end clipping, vector trimming, assemble by name, alignment to reference sequences, aligning contigs, analysis of heterozygous insertions and deletions, and much more.

After downloading the free trial, we suggest you take the quick tour to learn about Aligner's main features.


Phred - Phrap - Consed  - The leading tools for base calling, sequence assembly, and contig editing, developed by Phil Green and coworkers at the University of Washington.


PolyPhred - A tool for SNP detection, especially heterozygous point mutations.


TraceViewer - A free Java application to view and edit chromatogram files on Classic Mac OS (on Windows and Mac OS X, the free demo version of CodonCode Aligner is a fully functional trace viewer and editor).


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