CodonCode Aligner License Server

For customers who want to use CodonCode Aligner on multiple computers, we offer the Aligner License Server.

The Aligner License Server allows you to install CodonCode Aligner on an unlimited number of computers; at any time, you can use CodonCode Aligner on any combination of these computers, up to the number of licenses you purchased.

This page contains links to tutorials and installer downloads, and information about firewalls and Aligner License Server use. Answers to common questions about the License Server can be found on our support forum.

Please note that you will need to purchase a license for CodonCode Aligner in order to use the Aligner License Server.


The following video tutorials give brief introductions to setting up and using the Aligner License Server:


Aligner License Server Downloads

If you have an older version of the Aligner License Server (previously called CodonCode Keyserver) installed, please follow the update instructions at

For common questions about installing the Aligner License Server, please visit

Note that the License Server requires CodonCode Aligner version 1.6.1 or newer.


Using the License Server for CodonCode Aligner: Firewalls

Using the Aligner License Server requires communication between the computer that the Aligner License Server is running on, and the computers that CodonCode Aligner is running on. If you are using any firewal program (for example the built-in firewall of Windows XP SP2 or Mac OS X, or programs like Norton Internet Security or Little Snitch), you may have to change your settings to allow communication to and from the License Server.

If you want to manually set the ports that CodonCode Aligner and the Aligner License Server need, please allow communication on the following UDP and TCP ports: 123, 16030, 16031, 32156, 32157, 54643, and 54644.



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