CodonCode Aligner User Showcases

See how other researchers are using CodonCode Aligner. The user showcases below show different applications of CodonCode Aligner in multiple research areas. CodonCode Aligner users describe their research and explain how they use CodonCode Aligner to achieve their goals.


    Biotechnological Applications of Peruvian Plants and Microorganisms

    Dr. Carmen Tamariz Angeles and her team are researching how plants and microorganisms from the high Andes can be used in biotechnical applications like bioremedation, or to promote plant growth in agriculture. Their projects involve them deeply in barcoding and taxonomic identification.


    Rock art

    Dating Rock Art by Sequencing Microorganisms

    Professor Jack Pettigrew and his research group use CodonCode Aligner to date ancient rock art from Australia. Recent discovery shows that the Bradshaw rock art is covered with a biofilm containing different microorganisms which is closely linked to the paintings. They hope to use the evoultionary information contained in these microorgansims to date the paintings whose age is currently unkown.


    Insect of interest

    Barcoding Insect Species from Pakistan

    An example how CodonCode Aligner is used to analyze barcoding sequence data of economically important insect species from Pakistan in a collaborative project between the National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in Pakistan and the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario in Canada.


    Free roadrunner

    Conservation Genetics Research of the Greater Roadrunner

    This user showcase about population and conservation genetics of the Greater Roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus) shows how mitochondrial and nuclear markers are used to assess the genetic variation and gene flow in roadrunners.


    Aldabra and Madagascar fody

    Taxonomy and Conservation of Landbirds on the Aldabra Atoll

    At the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Aldabra Atoll, CodonCode Aligner is used to study the taxonomic status of two local landbird species (the Aldabra fody and the Aldabra rail), and the influence through an invasive fodies species that is likely to hybridize with the endemic Aldabra fodies.


    European Corn Borer

    Evolution and Speciation of the European Corn Borer

    A research case about different aspects of evolution, speciation and mutation of the European Corn Borer (ECB). The research focuses on the post-diapause development time of the ECB and its connection to the gene flow between populations, as well as the temporal isolation and its link to its genetic locus.


    Electric knife fish

    Studying Repetitive Elements in Electric Knife Fish

    This user showcase looks at the dynamics, conservation, distribution and evolution of repetitive DNA elements in the electric knife fish Eigenmannia with the help of CodonCode Aligner.



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